Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Next Step

Oh my, the time does fly.  Looks like we are ready to start and what a great set of teams we have assembled here.  Many have active blogs now and are getting into the groove.  Maybe it is time to make up some rules.  So far, the only rule is that this contest starts January 1, 2011.  The only reading that counts is what you do in 2011, you can’t blog about books you read in High School and get credit for them.   I guess that about does it for rules unless you can think of something else.

Now onto our bigger issue:  How are we going to figure out who won this thing?  We have been thinking about and talking a lot about this subject.  We want scoring to be done in such a way that it encourages reading and participation.  We want the system to be objective and fair and reflect the values of the ancient Olympic Games or any other top flight event.  We examined scoring for a variety of team competitions in real life and what we came up with is…Why on earth should this be OUR responsibility?   To that end, please click on the survey and vote for the factors YOU think should be included in scoring. 

Click here for survey

One last thing:  Every team has at least one person who is an “author” on this blog.  We invite any other participants to become authors too.  Just send an email to: to add them.  This blog is here to direct people to YOUR blog but we can also use it to keep each other informed of our progress, post a good review, introduce your team, issue team to team challenges, brag, anything you want.