Thursday, January 31, 2013


It is time to answer that important question...Who is our grand prize winner for 2012? Here is the form for scoring.  Fill out what you can/want to enter.  Your top 5 scores will be added together for your team total.  If you aren't very competitive in one category, consider filling it out anyway, you may end up taking points away from someone else ;-)  A perfect score would be 50 -- a team that comes in first in 5 categories.  Tie breakers were suggested a couple of years ago when this started but hopefully we won't need them because the top 2 tie breakers are arm wrestling or leg wrestling tournaments and we don't have any funds for travel.

Monday, January 28, 2013

2012 Scoring

Sorry gang, I dropped the ball on this and should have announced these earlier in the year.  These scoring factors are very similar to the ones used in 2011.  An advisory committee has been working on this for 2012 and we will have the scoring form ready shortly.  Of course your comments are welcome.

In an effort to give each team a chance to win, we have developed 10 scoring factors.  You can pick 5 of them and your rank in those five will be added together for your total score.  The top 10 in each factor would get points from 10 (highest) to 1 (lowest). You can report on more than 5 factors and we will count your top 5 places in your final score.

Here are the factors for 2012:

1.  Team – total books read
2.  Team -  total pages read
3.  Team – page average (your total pages/total books)
4.  Top 5 team members – total books read
5.  Top 5 team members – total pages read
6.  Top 5 team members – page average (top 5 people total pages/total books)
7.  Percentage of participants – # on your team/total employees – a person would have had to blog for at least 6 months to count as a team member.
8.  Consistency – # of team members who have blogged at least 11 out of 12 months/Total team members (or 90% of the months employed by library)
9.  Percentage of team members that have a tattoo.
10.  Number of books blogged about that feature Batman.

Hopefully everyone will see something that looks attractive for their team.  REMEMBER - You can report on more than 5 factors but only the best 5 will count towards your library's final score.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Coming SOON! - 2012 Scoring

The form for 2012 scoring will be up very soon.  We are working out final details.  A committee is working to simplify our system for 2013 so we can chart monthly and get an idea of where we stand.  It isn't too late to take the survey. Participants have voted overwhelmingly to change our "season" to one that runs September - August.  2013 will be our transition so this year the season will be January - August.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Finally Posting STLCC's December Totals

STLCC is still kicking booty!  Wanna see our numbers?  Huh?  You do, don't you?  Well, you asked for it, so here you go.

Participants:     21
Books:              94
Pages:         25104

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


 52 books read with 16,718 pages; 8 readers

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

December Totals for U City

Total books:  51
Total Pages:  14,699
Participants:  9

2012 totals coming soon!

SCC Library December Totals

Total Participants: 5

Total Books: 16

Total Pages Read: 6,327

Monday, January 7, 2013

December totals for JCL

The Jefferson County Library Reading Ninjas report the following statistics for December:

7 Readers
49 Books
14,474 Pages

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Survey time

Hello all!  We are coming up to the end of our season and we need your feedback on a proposal to change our 2013 end date to make it possible to do an event at the Missouri Library Association Conference.    Also, what are your suggestions for updating our scoring?  We would like to make the scoring something that could be posted monthly so teams can get a better idea of where they stand.  If you have any suggestions to simplify the scoring please submit them.  The factors used in 2011 to determine our final standings are here.  Numbers 9 & 10 were "wild cards" so be sure to give suggestions for new categories.

Thanks for making the Missouri Book Challenge the premier reading competition in the world!

Take the survey here.

SCCCLD December Stats!!

Number of Books: 89 
Number of Pages: 24,741
Number of Participants: 8

* Look out here comes 2013!!!

Missouri State Library December Stats

Books read: 48
Pages read: 16,689
Participants:  11

December Totals for Joplin

50 Books
14718 pages
10 participants

We went down a little this month but kept plugging away.