Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Team captains got a preview of the scoring system and seem to approve.  Of course your comments are welcome.

In an effort to give each team a chance to win the trophy (which will be awesome), we have developed 10 scoring factors.  You can pick 5 of them and your rank in those five will be added together for your total score.  There are 11 teams, for ease, the top 10 in each factor would get points from 10 (highest) to 1 (lowest).

Here are the factors that we came up with:

1.  Team – total books read
2.  Team -  total pages read
3.  Team – page average (your total pages/total books)
4.  Top 5 team members – total books read
5.  Top 5 team members – total pages read
6.  Top 5 team members – page average (top 5 people total pages/total books)
7.  Percentage of participants – total employees/# on your team – a person would have had to blog for at least 6 months to count as a team member.
8.  Consistency – Total team members/# of team members who have blogged at least 11 out of 12 months (or 90% of the months employed by library)
9.  Number of employees at your library whose homes were destroyed this year.
10.  Number of books blogged about that feature a pony.

Hopefully everyone will see at least a few of these that look attractive for their team. Of course part of the fun is we won't know which factors the other teams want to count in their score which may affect final totals.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The QuickWitLitniks of Springfield-Greene May Totals

Staff: 15
Total books: 127
Total pages: 36,079

The review that makes us squee

This is, hands down, our favorite review in May written by SGCL's own Heather C.D. for the book "Brains for Lunch: A Zombie Novel in Haiku?!?! by K.A. Holt and Gahan Wilson. Automatic pony winner!

Loeb is in high school
Awful enough as it is
He's a zombie too

Can't mix with "Lifers"
Pretty Siobhan is his crush
But she's not undead

Then he finds haiku
Learns that although he eats brains
He has some himself

His self-esteem's up
So he enters a contest
To share his best poems

Whoa, a zombie poet!
Will the other kids buy it?
Will Siobhan like it?

I think this book's great
Reminds me of my fourth grade
Only with more zombies

It made me laugh hard
Lots of people will like it
So go check it out!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

May Totals for Joplin Public Library

Well, we may have had a tornado hit but we're still reading and posting. Our totals are down a little but we are still going strong.
We had 8 people, 54 books and 16,003 pages read. Not bad considering the last 9 days of May were horrendous for us.

Friday, June 3, 2011

SCC Library May Totals

Participants - 6

Books read - 15

Pages read - 5,398

(image from: http://themoderatevoice.com/45255/tv-milestone-reading-rainbow-comes-to-end/)