About the Challenge

We are recruiting teams for 2016 and beyond.  Missouri and Kansas libraries/librarians can join the challenge by mustering a team and starting a blog (or using a current one).  Then let us know you are ready to rumble and get added to the list. SO SIMPLE.

Why should you join this competition?
  • It improves your readers advisory service.
  • Makes you more aware of your collective reading "strengths" as a staff.
  • Aren't all libraries supposed to have a blog now?
  • Gives you lots of ideas for staff picks and displays.
  • It is LOTS of fun.
  • There is an ACTUAL trophy at stake.
Find more information about how to join.

Too constrained by these rules?  We are willing to work with you.  Have questions?  Drop us a line mobookchallenge@gmail.com


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  2. What are the rules for 2013/2014? maybe instead of zombies it could be cats?