Tuesday, February 21, 2012

STLCC Reading the Dream Team FINALLY Gets it Together (kind of)!

Well, we're late, but we will get better at this as we work through all the kinks and quirks.  I promise.  In the meantime, here's the January totals from those of us that participated. 

# of Participants:   31

# of Books Read:   142

# of Pages Read:    34,662

I fully expect the number of participants to increase over the next month or two, so don't get too confident everyone.  We intend to compete, and compete hard!

Finally, as a token of my sincerest apology for being so late on this,  I present to you...Action Figure Librarian!


I know we have have employees competing, but what about board members? I had one of our board members express interest in posting and competing in the contest. Is there any rules on if people have to be paid employees or if unpaid board members/trustees can post also? Just wondering before I told her aye or nay.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Greetings from Jefferson City!  January was a TERRIFIC month for the River Readers....

79 reviews were written on our blog and a total of 24,860 pages were read by our staff!

 Congratulations on such a successful start to the book challenge.  Here's a list of  review writers and the amount of pages they read.

Angie= 33; 9812
Courtney=9; 3193
Tammy=11; 2983
Tracy=6; 1966
Robin=5; 1926
Qhyrrae=5; 1915
Jessica=3; 1048
Brian=3; 706
Mike=1; 405
Janet=1; 368
Melody=1; 235
Claudia=1; 303

total=79; 24,860

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

SGCL totals for January

The defending champs are off and running...

Books: 66
Pages: 20,926
Participants: 9

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Thanks for your patience as we tabulate the scores and try every possible way to come out on top (a futile task even with a last minute rule change).  Here is the short story:
Team results were closer than anticipated.  Remember, we had 10 factors and we counted your top 5 scores to come up with this list:
1. The QuickWitLitniks of Springfield-Greene County -  47 points
2. St. Charles City-County Library District – 45 points
3. University City Public Library – 42 points
4. St. Charles Community College – 40 points
5. Brentwood Public Library and Joplin Public Library - 2 way tie for 5th place, each with 38 points
6. See tie above
7. Marshall Library United  - 36 points
8. Missouri State Library – 35 points
9. Kirkwood Public Library – 32 points

2 teams declined to participate in the scoring based on their pure & wholesome motives of participation based on the READING being reward in itself.

Individual MVPs:
Dandy Danya read 455 books and 119,694 to effectively put almost all of us to shame.  Jenny E from Springfield-Greene also broke the 400 mark.
Stephanie from St. Charles Community college schooled us on page average with an overall 472 page average for the year.

Thanks to all participants for a great year of reading and competition.  I think we have a good start on 2012!

The long story:  If anyone wants more information, I’ll gladly share my messy spreadsheet and the process.  I had this vision of everything being “automated” but find that I was not smart enough to make it happen.  Maybe by next year!

Friday, February 3, 2012

UCPL Totals for January

Okay, so we're starting off a little slow this year.  That's all according to plan....

Totals books:  60
Total pages:  16156

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jefferson County Library January Numbers

Jefferson County Library
January numbers

Total # of Books: 22

Total # of Pages: 7,172
Total # of Participants: 4

St. Charles City-County Library District (A.K.A. SCCCLD)!!!!!

We've Come here to Read Books and Chew Bubblegum.....AND we're all out of Bubblegum!!!!

Total # of Books: 90
Total # of Pages: 28,150
Total # of Participants: 18

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Marshall Public Library -- January 2012 stats

51 books
15,929 pages
7 team members

Missouri State Library January Stats

Books read:  41
Pages read:  12,990
Participants:  12

Joplin Public Library Book Totals

89 books
27,059 pages
16 participants.
We are off and running.

SCC Library January 2012 Totals!

Total Participants: 10

Total Books Read: 40!

Total Pages Read: 12,709!

We're starting off 2012 strong - we're ready to compete ;o) Very excited to have some new competitors :o)