Saturday, January 8, 2011

Introducing Team UCPL Captain Annie!

Annie is our sweetest librarian. She is helpful to all and friendly to a fault. Her favorite reads usually include zombies, vampires and serial killers. She is our team captain this year. Last year, recruiting could be difficult for the UCPL Book Challenge. Here is a typical interaction:

Annie has taken a whole new direction when it comes to recruiting. Here’s how it goes now:

I figured people would have a harder time telling her “no” but I didn’t imagine that “no” would never even come up. Annie really knows how to motivate people! I think she will take our team to a whole new level. Also, welcome to the team Andrew. I sure hope you meet the goals Annie set for you.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

So many teams but still room for more

Wow, look at us go!  The competitive instinct is alive and well in libraries around the state.  As I write this, 11 teams are aggressively blogging for the fame and glory which will inevitably be bestowed on the winners.  When we are leg wrestling (or other tie breaking method that you can vote for or suggest in our scoring survey) to break the fated tie at the end of the year, we will be sure to charge admission…money that will be added to the final winnings.

So, are you lurking on the sidelines?  Time to join up.  How can you miss out on these good times? You can get a team together faster than a flash mob (and how long have I been waiting for an excuse to use “flash mob” in a sentence?).  Even the aged among us haven’t forgotten what we have read so far in 2011.  Unless, of course, you are too scared of the competition.  Are your library employees/coworkers not displaying the mettle needed to be a part of this?  Don’t let fear rule your year…follow us into the fray.