Saturday, June 4, 2011

May Totals for Joplin Public Library

Well, we may have had a tornado hit but we're still reading and posting. Our totals are down a little but we are still going strong.
We had 8 people, 54 books and 16,003 pages read. Not bad considering the last 9 days of May were horrendous for us.


  1. I think Joplin should get a seriously huge number of participation points for May.

  2. I totally agree with Patrick, lol. One category that might be fun is seeing who has the most books or pages from each library at the end of the year, and then seeing who has the most in the state. Wouldn't that be a fun title, Most Voracious Reader in the State. Of course they would be too busy reading to pick up their award!

  3. I think we have decided one of the factors for final scoring will be "how many members of your team have had their homes destroyed by natural disaster this year (or even man-made disaster -- we like to be inclusive)"