Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sad Day

Your Missouri Library Association has decided they don’t have the space for our follow up presentation about the Missouri Book Challenge. I guess the hundreds of participants and 11 academic and public libraries involved in the competition (not to mention the whole town of Marshall!) just don’t impress the powers that be…or more realistically, they fear us and what might transpire if we all get together in one place. Send your comments to the unsuspecting Conference Arrangement Co-chairs:

Diane Hunter Danielle Theiss

hunterdi@umkc.edu danielle.theiss@rockhurst.edu


  1. You can still be a table talk or poster session. http://molib.org/conference/index.html
    Just a thought.

  2. Annie was hoping to brandish her sword so don't know if table talk or poster session is a real possibility.

  3. This really is a travesty! You should contact Eliot Davis from Channel 2 News!