Monday, May 2, 2011

April Totals: Joplin Public Library

74 books read,
22, 098 pages
10 participants

Is anyone else suffering from lack of staff participation? I've tried various incentives, but we are at less than 25% staff participation. This month I read over half the books and pages of our total. How do you get people to participate?


  1. Find a smaller library on the blog roll to compete with. I've made it my personal mission to get my District to read more than Springfield-Greene County. (Springfield is probably unaware of this). With this mission I use it to rally the troops and get them posting more. OR you can always create a "wall of shame" and put up the names of your coworkers who signed up, but do not post. ;)

  2. Oooh, good ideas. One of our problems is that none of our department heads are really participating. As it is, I'm buying candy out of my own pocket as incentives. And I'm not even allowed to win any of the prizes since I'm running it. But I really enjoy doing this since I now have a running tally of how much I read.

  3. Oh, we're very aware of this!!

  4. I carefully crafted some entirely inappropriate suggestions for you last night then my computer locked up and I lost everything. CURSES. I'm not sure I can recreate these suggestions but I'll try.
    #1. Fire all of the department heads who are not participating. Offer Jenny E. from Springfield-Greene one of those jobs.
    #2. Physical intimidation works here. Remember Annie's sword?
    #3. Other types of intimidation might you have any pictures of these people while drunk or in another compromising position? Threaten to make them public if they don't start blogging.
    #4. Seriously 25% is pretty good. I just realized we have 32% participation but we have been at this longer than you and we are careful now to hire people who have the fire in the eyes.
    #5. Revise those reason why you can't win!
    #6. Maybe we should try a month where we each trade prizes for the month. We would be happy with your candy and you can take some of our worthless conference swag.
    #7. Although, in general, library employees are cooler, better readers, and more competitive than "average" people...not everyone will be...that is just the law of averages.