Thursday, September 29, 2011

Missouri Book Challenge Happy Hour (and presentation)

Christa and I are preparing to spread the word about the Book Challenge at MLA next week! We'll be presenting on Wednesday at 3:00pm. If anyone is coming, and would like to take a more active part in our presentation, please email us soon. We need sword fighters, hecklers, anything! Also, if anyone wants to submit some funny photos of their own reading challenges, it's not too late to add them to the presentation.

We wanted to plan a happy hour for Book Challenge participants on Wednesday, but it looks like there are other events going on all night! So we're just going to adjourn to the hotel bar following our presentation. Feel free to join us!


  1. Your presentation will rock! I'm sorry I couldn't be there to heckle...especially the St. Charles folks.

  2. I'll be there for your presentation and can bring a sword if you like! Which would you prefer: fencing sabre, foil, epee, OR a fantasy sword from Lord of the Rings? :-)

    Lucy - from St. Charles City-County Library District

  3. Lucy: How do you feel about light sabers? They have more the element of surprise....